The Kaufman Agency


Representing Composers for Film and Television

Globally Since 1986

Jeff H Kaufman  Biography

 Jeff  H Kaufman began his career in film as a child actor during the 1960’s.  He appeared on several popular shows and in a half dozen commercials. In  the mid Seventies, he was co-founder of an international fan mail  service business whose clients included ABC, UNIVERSAL and WARNER  BROTHERS. In the late 70’s, he became a manager and buyer for Rene’s All  Ears (a local new / used record store located on Melrose Avenue in Los  Angeles) it was at Celebrity Mail Service and Rene’s All Ears that he  met and interacted with many background and foreground players in the  film and record industry.

In January  1986, Richard Kraft a customer of the record store and film music agent  at Bart-Milander Associates, the oldest film music firm whose clients at  the time included Miklos Rozsa, Elmer Bernstein, Henry Mancini, Georges  Delerue, Danny Elfman, Trevor Jones, Lee Holdridge, Alan Silvestri,  Bill Conti, Angelo Badalamenti, Basil Poledouris, Lalo Schifrin, Stewart  Copeland, David Newman, Christopher Young, Shirley Walker, Mark Snow,  Richard Rodney Bennett, Francis Lai, Michel Legrand , J. Peter Robinson,  Stanley Clarke among many other internationally respected artists,  approached Kaufman to join the firm. Kaufman began work immediately and  within the year became an agent with the company.  

Kaufman spearheaded an  international expansion of the company by personally signing and  becoming their first US representative, such diverse talent as Hans  Zimmer, Rachel Portman, Gabriel Yared, Stanley Myers, Yello, Dick Hyman,  Mason Daring, Carl Davis, Michael Nyman, Jean Claude Petit, Richard  Harvey, Michael Gibbs, Barrington Pheloung, John DuPrez, Mark Suozzo,  Vladimir Cosma, Colin Towns, Richard Hartley, Klaus Doldinger, and many  others to the agency..

Over the next decade, Kaufman was a  partner in the Bart Milander Agency and its various incarnations  including Milander, Schleussner, Kaufman, and Film Music Associates  which merged with Soundtrack Music Associates. By late 1996, Kaufman  left the agency in a situation similar to the film, “Jerry McGuire” to  open up his own firm, The Kaufman Agency.

The Kaufman Agency  formed on January 1, 1997, represents composers who have been the  recipients of awards worldwide who specialize in all venues of music  including film, television, commercials, theater, installations, live  performance and museums.  

Jeff H Kaufman is a member of The  Screen Actor’s Guild, British Academy of Film Television and Arts  (BAFTA-LA), Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The Large Format  Screen Association, Independent Features Projects West, The ACLU , The  Southern Poverty Law Center and an alumnus of UCLA and CSUN with a  degree in Speech Communication and Media Relations .

Kaufman has  been a columnist for the foreign publication, “Film Music” on the state  of Film Music in today’s marketplace and has been a speaker/ lecturer at  several well-known universities.  His extensive knowledge of film  history along with his collection of memorabilia, recorded music and  film is a testament to his love of the industry and it’s potential.